Ok people (my three kind followers), I’ve decided this blog will talk about many things, but mostly about love and animals, which kind of mix together good, right ? For the last couple of months, there is not a day in my life I don’t spend studying, becoming a vet has been my ultimate goal since I can remember… Like anyone, I’ve had my doubts too, but you don’t know satisfaction until you find the thing that makes you so happy you want to do it for the rest of your life, believe me. It is pure love and joy, and I don’t care what happens on the road, I’ll get there anyway. This blog has been inspired by all the others who are already on track, but I decided to start writing my own mostly because in high school I wasn’t actually the best student, but finding my path has been changing my life in ways you couldn’t imagine. Also, people, english is not my mother language, so if there’s any typos, bad formulations or anything, just let me know, I’m here to learn too !

"This road will be bumpy, but also the one you’ll never forget"

He’s more than 6000 km away… But he still manages to take my breath away.
I know he’s busy and all, but what do I do to avoid talking to him ? What do I do when we barely talk during the week ? How do I stop my heart from breaking ?
I swear I’ve never been this dramatic, but honestly, I need this, my mind needs this, my soul too. He’s my one true love, I don’t want to say first, because with a first always comes a second, and again, what can I do about it ? I’m scared, I’m in pain, my mind’s somewhere else… I wish this would be over, sometimes I even wish that I’d never met him. You never think you’d feel this confused until it happens.

What’s up with boys thinking it’s totally OK not to tell you they’re into freaking POLYGAMY… Alright, it’s not proper polygamy, but while you’re dating, you decide to ask THE question, like, have you ever cheated on any of your ex’s ? And you’re obviously almost sure he’ll say “noo sweetie of course not, I am not a shitty ass boyfriend”, but then he goes “um, yep, but it’s normal, it’s a biological need” OH WELL WHAT THE ACTUAL FLYING FUCK you know what’s also a biological need ? DEATH IS, AND I’LL GIVE IT TO YOU SOON…
Girls, pls have a little dignity and if you ever come across this type of guy, leave him ASAP, you’re so much more than that, you deserve a guy who actually respects you. But let me clear a point, the fact that he cheats on you doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you, even though it is never ok, you can forgive him, because he’ll be forever part of your life, but should never go back with him.
And what is me, I’m trying to forget this dude for whom I fell so effing hard, which won’t be easy, but I’m trying to with all I can.
One last thing, you can cry and scream and howl all you want one day, but the next you have to put your shit together and move one, it’s normal to be sad, but that can’t interfere with your life, sadness should not define you.





Female privilege is getting to claim a headache to avoid sex.

Female oppression is having to claim physical illness to avoid sex because men won’t take a simple fucking “no” for an answer.

Female oppression is men being so…

Did an asteroid just crash because that dude got oh so fucking burned. Good job, boy, good job.